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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Women's Spring Luncheon

This past April Union Grove had a very uplifting and encouraging weekend for the ladies in the church. It started with a "parade of table" luncheon where individual ladies or groups of  ladies decorated individual tables. I was amazed at the creativity and themes that were represented at each table! There were around 33 tables so I decided just to put a handful of my favorites.

(click on pics below to enlarge)

I decided on a Bird/Spring theme since I had already bought the birdhouses and flowers for Lynlee's birthday party which is also a bird theme.
Place settings
The gift/placecard for the guests that  were seated at the Picnic Table! 
Packets of lemonade in a mason jar with flowers.
Thought this was creative!

My favorite thing I saw at the Luncheon! 
Done by Kacey Byrd.

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  1. Amazing blog!! The women’s day tables are really awesome. All these table décors are stunning. Loved them all especially green apple table. We had arranged a simple table this women’s day. As had arranged a small party at one of local Seattle venues. Everything worked out best and all loved it.


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