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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy 3 Months Lynlee

We have reached three wonderful months with our Lynlee Jewel. This month has been extra fun watching her discover new things and developing her own little personality.

Here are a few of  her favorite things this month:

Her hands, especially the taste of her fist!
Sitting up, lifting her head.
Smiling (mommy and daddy's favorite too!)
Talking to her daddy!
Looking at herself in the mirror.
Watching mommy cook.
Loves being outside!
Patriots Volleyball! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lynlee's 1st camping adventure

This past labor day weekend Josh, Lynlee, and I spent a few days at Jordan Lake with Gran and Grandaddy and some friends from Asheboro and Ahoskie. It was a lot of firsts once again for Lynlee:


Josh grew up camping on Jordan Lake and one of his family's favorite past times is spending time on the water. We didn't waste any time breaking Lynlee in! She took her first boat ride at 11 weeks. Daddy says she will be water skiing by next year. Mommy says, "In your dreams daddy!"

Lynlee was all about camping and being outside. She loved sitting in her little lounge chair looking all around and talking to all her new friends. We could not get her down for a nap or even go to sleep at bedtime cause she was afraid she was going to miss something. 

The best way to describe geocahing is a worldwide outdoor treasure hunt. The idea is to locate hidden containers called geocaches using GPS enabled devices or an app on your smartphone. There are actually hundreds of thousands of these all over the world that people have hidden. They can be as little as a film canister (like the one in the picture) or a large box or container. We found four out of five geocashes that we hunted that day all within 3 miles of Jordan Lake. As you can see in the picture Lynlee was not as amused with this activity as much as the others.