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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lynlee's 1st Easter

Opening her Easter basket from mommy and daddy

Happy Easter from the Evans

Their first Easter together

wearing mommies necklace

Monday, August 6, 2012

Easter Weekend at the Lake

Easter weekend we decided to go camping with Josh's family and friends. Even though it isn't her first camping trip we were especially excited for this trip because this time she would be old enough to understand what we were doing and enjoy being outside and riding in the boat.

( click on pics below to enlarge)
Waiting on daddy to pack the car.
She loved sitting outside playing with her toys.
Her two favorite toys from Gran's house: 
her black bear and farm yard spinning toy
It was pretty chili that weekend 
so at night we had to snuggle up by the fire.
She was supposed to be taking a nap. :)
Gran and Granddaddy let Lynlee open her Easter basket 
Saturday morning. 
They definitely know the way to her heart: 
a stuffed animal and a book!
She loves flip books!
Helping daddy and Granddaddy build a fire.

We went fishing on Saturday when it warmed up a little.
Granddaddy caught the first fish. 
(We think he stole Gran's.)

 Then daddy caught one. 
Lynlee wasn't scared of the fish at all.
The fish kept eating Gran's bate! 
She finally got one but it got away before we could get a picture.

She definitely liked riding in the boat better this time.

Joyce and Sid are friends from Ahoskie, NC. 
Lynlee loves spending time with them!

It's tradition to go to S&K Soda Shoppe and get their famous icecream.
This is Lynlee's first taste of many more to come I'm sure!

Thanks Gran and Grandaddy for making my first Easter weekend memorable!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Women's Spring Luncheon

This past April Union Grove had a very uplifting and encouraging weekend for the ladies in the church. It started with a "parade of table" luncheon where individual ladies or groups of  ladies decorated individual tables. I was amazed at the creativity and themes that were represented at each table! There were around 33 tables so I decided just to put a handful of my favorites.

(click on pics below to enlarge)

I decided on a Bird/Spring theme since I had already bought the birdhouses and flowers for Lynlee's birthday party which is also a bird theme.
Place settings
The gift/placecard for the guests that  were seated at the Picnic Table! 
Packets of lemonade in a mason jar with flowers.
Thought this was creative!

My favorite thing I saw at the Luncheon! 
Done by Kacey Byrd.

spring break

I always look forward to spring break because that is when we get to see 
some of our Jacksonville family!
The first half of the week we got to spend time with 
Josh's sister and her kids in Asheboro. 
Lynlee loves getting to see her cousins Braden and Laney. 

Lynlee loves taking her wagon 
over to Gran and  Grandaddy's house 
so she can ride around the neighborhood.

All three kids wanted to ride
 so Laney and Lynlee got in on one side. 
They weren't too happy to be so close at first :) 
They finally got comfortable!

Soon to be Best Buds!
The second part of the week we spent time 
with my parents and my sister Katy. 
Can't believe this was Aunt Katy's last high school spring break!!
Lynlee and I love when Papa and Granma come to NC.
We don't have to share them with 4 other cousins :)
We get them all to ourselves !!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

10th Annual Walk-A-Thon

Union Grove Christian School had their annual Walk-a-thon on April 5th to raise money for the school and this was Lynlee's first time going. She absolutely loved it! She got to play on the playground and even got her face painted like a kittycat.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lynlee's first Easter egg hunt party

Our Homebuilder's 
Sunday School Class
 had their annual Easter Egg Hunt Party this past Saturday!
Lynlee was still too small to participate in hunting for the eggs so Josh pulled Lynlee and her friends Peyon Tilley and Levi Clonch around in her wagon so they could watch the kids play and hunt for the eggs. 
They LOVED it and so did us parents!! 
(click on pictures to enlarge)