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Friday, February 17, 2012

Lynlee's First Valentines

I know having a valentine means something different to each person. It as even meant something different to me throughout the years. 
 The one thing I remember about EVERY Valentine's Day growing up is the card that my dad gave each of us every year. He would hand pick them for each of us kids and my mom. It wasn't extravagant or expensive but it meant the world to me. That is how I want Lynlee to remember this day. 
We started the celebration a little early this year thanks to Josh. Monday evening Lynlee and I came home from FL to find a little scavenger hunt in the house with two recorded Valentines from our Valentine! It was so sweet!!! 

Lynlee's favorite toys right now are her stuffed animals. 
So daddy knew the way to Lynlee's heart!

Unfortunately Lynlee spent her first Valentine's day at the doctor 
getting a flew shot :( 
Since she did so good we rewarded her with a trip to 
Krispy Kreme! 

We then went to lunch at 
Firehouse subs (mommy and daddy's favorite). 
We then had to drop daddy back at the office where he was getting our surprise for him!!! 

Took these pics wile we were in FL and 
I put them in a collage frame for daddy. 
Lynlee is wearing the outfit Josh got for her last Valentines day! 
He loved it!

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  1. It definitely was an incredible Valentine's Day. It was so special spending it with my two Valentine's. I love you both, and thanks for my surprise as well.


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